Welcome to my website, enjoy as I slowly piece it together from Sadgrl's template!

A bit about me: I work in a hospital and enjoy the outdoors. I find living in the city to be a struggle and often dream of a return to the 'old ways', a simplistic way of living. I love my cellphone and computer but I also wish they didn't exist.

As far as hobbies go, I like to tinker with my computer, I daily-drive a gentoo linux install, and I go camping, hiking, climbing, caving, and urban exploring. Links to come

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- Cave Ipsum -

Drip drop forms a stalagmite. Drip drop forms a stalactite. Cave formations like flowstone, soda straws, cave bacon, pearls, and moonmilk make me so happy.

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I have recently updated this tool as of August 2022!

  • Rewrote the JS to generate cleaner code
  • Rewrote the CSS in a way that hopefully makes much more sense to edit
  • Added a couple of new features!
  • Old version is still available here

Hi there!

Do you have a suggestion for a feature? Some criticism about the tool or something that confused you? Let me know! sadgrl[at]riseup.net

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